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10 Things I’ll Miss About Summer

On September 15, 2016 by Lau


I’m still holding onto the last few days of Summer (it’s not officially Autumn until 22nd September!) and after having a summer full of bbq’s, beaches and sunny dog walks, it’s got me thinking about what I’m going to miss about Summer.

1. Sitting in the garden at every opportunity
2. Sleeping with the window open
3. Light nights
4. Days at the beach
5. BBQ’s & eating outdoors
6. Never needing a coat!
7. Opening the curtains first things in the morning to see if it’s going to be another hot and sunny day
8. Letting your hair air dry
9. Summer night walks with Willow, when it’s still warm (they’re the best)
10. And this last one is for Willow – I have a dog who is addicted to sunbathing on the grass anytime she can. She’s already mourning the Summer sun and waiting for us to turn on the radiators instead.

And as I was writing this, the weather turned grey and foggy! Hello Autumn…


(^ Did anyone else love 500 Days of Summer?)

2 Responses to “10 Things I’ll Miss About Summer”

  • I’ll definitely miss the light nights, the winter is always so dark and dreary. Also the light mornings too, going to work and coming home in the dark is so rubbish! Although, this winter it’ll be the husband going and coming in the dark 🙂

    • Lau

      Yeah that is rubbish when you only get to see outside when it’s pitch black! I find it so much harder to get up early when it feels like it’s the middle of the night still as well! X

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