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A year to remember

On January 4, 2014 by Lau

I’m not usually one to go on about how amazing the last year year was when it comes to New Year, but 2013 was a little different. It’s honestly been one of the most amazing years so far and it’s sometimes nice to remind yourself of that!

I married my best friend.

2013 blog post 2

We went to Koh Samui for our honeymoon, which was one of the most beautiful places on earth as well as a long weekend in London.

2013 blog post 3

I shared some pretty good times with my best friends. People definitely lose touch a little as our lives change and get busier – it’s quite sad and is something that has definitely upset me in the past but now I just think about how good it is to know these girls are always there (and vice versa!).

2013 blog post 1

My family mean the most to me and 2013 saw us celebrate my wedding and welcome another little nephew, not to mention sharing a few vodka infused nights in with my parents. We’re going to be kicking off January with my Gran’s 80th birthday too.

I’m looking forward to seeing if 2014 can possibly top this!

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