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Babybond Gender Scan Review

On March 20, 2017 by Lau


One of the best things so far throughout my pregnancy has been each time we got to see our little boy at our scan. With the NHS, most women will have a scan at 12 weeks and again at 20 weeks – after that you won’t usually have any other scans. Since our 20 week scan I have been desperate to see our baby again, and so as a surprise Phill booked a private scan with Babybond at Ultrasound Direct so that I could see him on my birthday (yep, he really is the best!).

I honestly couldn’t recommend Babybond enough! Although we already knew we were expecting a boy, we went along to the Jesmond clinic for a Babybond gender scan (it was just so I could see him again so it didn’t really matter which one we booked) and we simply signed a form when we arrived and were told not to tell the sonographer the sex of the baby so she could see for herself. Thankfully, they were right first time and we were 100% having a boy!

The best thing about booking a private scan, is that the setting and atmosphere is so much more relaxed. You’re out of the hospital environment (which I couldn’t help but feel nervous each time going to hospital) and because we had already had our 20 week anomaly scan we didn’t have the worry of sitting in silence while all the checks were completed and waiting for the ‘OK’.

There’s a large TV screen which is in front of you too, so you have such a clear view of the little one moving around – he was sticking his tongue out, sucking on his wrist and I never stopped smiling the whole way through. It was amazing just to lie there for 15 minutes watching him while the sonographer talked us through his organs.

She also gave us a Babybond 4D freeview scan for a few minutes. Now this was something I wasn’t sure I would want as I know they can look a little bit strange in 4D but I am so glad I got to see him! I’m sure every parent thinks the same but my god he is the cutest! The detail is amazing, we could see his chubby cheeks that he’s definitely taking after his Daddy for, and a gorgeous button nose. We even managed to get a photograph with his hand on his hand and a guilty look on his face, we couldn’t stop laughing! If you’re considering a full 4D scan I would definitely go for it, it has completely changed my mind on them.

After the scan, Babybond print off a variety of 2D and 4D photographs and pop them in a folder inside a pink or blue bag depending on the gender of your baby. They even printed ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’ on one of the photographs for me which I thought was such a nice touch, and something to keep too.

If you’re looking at booking a private baby scan, definitely have a look at Babybond. The staff were amazing, and funnily enough a week later I had to go back to the hospital for a growth scan and the same sonographer was there and again she made me feel completely relaxed while she done her checks.

So thank you to Phill (and Babybond) for letting me see my little boy on my birthday!

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