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Destination: Kos

On July 13, 2014 by Lau

I love nothing more than going on holiday and relaxing the whole time, especially around the pool with a good book. And considering we barely took any photo’s until the last few days then it’s safe to say we had a very relaxed holiday this year!

We spent two weeks at the Palazzo Del Mare in Marmari, Kos, and I have to say the hotel is amazing. Huge pools, beautiful grounds and the most chilled out atmosphere make for a pretty relaxed holiday which was exactly what we wanted. Cross a tiny road and we were on a lovely sandy beach that you could walk along for ages – one of my favourite things to do on holiday.












So there’s a few photo’s from our holiday. Usually we have hundreds to sort through when we get back from but this year the days just seemed to pass without us even realising we hadn’t had the camera’s out. Sometimes I quite like that though, it’s nice just to enjoy the moments instead of missing them trying to capture them! Besides, me reading a book day in day out wouldn’t be too exciting on camera anyway!

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