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DIY: Bridesmaid Survival Kit

On August 5, 2013 by Lau

I think one of the hardest parts when planning a wedding is what gifts to get the people closest to you who have helped out with your wedding (yep, that was a harder choice than my wedding dress!)

I had my three best friends as my bridesmaids – one who I’ve known since I was 7 playing in the street, one who I went right through secondary school with, and one who I met at uni (and have since nicknamed each other ‘wifey’ after spending three months travelling around Australia together). So my bridesmaids were all very different to each other!

As their thank you gifts, I decided to get them jewellery that they could wear on the day but also wear after the wedding. I bought them each a bracelet and earrings from Tutti & Co but chose different designs for each of them based on their tastes – it also meant they were dressed slightly different instead of triplets!

But I also wanted to do something a little more special so decided to make a Bridesmaid Survival Kit!

We found some hessian gift bags from the Living North Fair and printed a Bridesmaid Survival poem and stuck it to the front. The poem then lists all of the items in the bag that you think they might need!

bridesmaid survival kit

And for the poem:

This survival kit was made just to say,
I’m thrilled you’re beside me on my wedding day

There’s chocolate to give you that sugar high
And a packet of tissues in case you should cry

Lip balm to help you care for your smile
If a nail should break, I’ve included a file

There are tablets for headaches if it’s ill that you feel
And blister pads and foot spray to tackle your heels

Hairspray and bobby pins to keep your hair in place
And mints to disguise the wine without a trace!

I’ve put everything in this handy pack
So you’ll know that this bride has got your back

This kit was created so that you can see
How much you mean to the Bride-to-be!

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