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Garden Makeover

On August 21, 2016 by Lau

Our garden has been one of the last things we’ve  sorted since we moved in around two years ago (and by ‘we’ I pretty much mean Phill as he’s done all of the hard work!). We knew we wanted something that would be low maintenance but that would reflect the inside of our house.


We used sleepers as a border to divide the garden into different areas – gravel at the back perfect for BBQ’s, and then fake grass in the middle. We wanted our garden to act as a bit of an extension to inside the house, so to keep with that style we painted the fence black and created a border of various grasses. We also planted some bamboo and an acer to add a bit of a Thai vibe.




The rope chairs are from Greenfingers.com and they are so comfortable – they were £62 for two and look pretty much the same as the Habitat rope chairs but at a fraction of the price!



My Grandad also made me a herb planter which I absolutely love. It’s filled with mint, sage, basil, rosemary and thyme and I added some DIY wine cork markers (purely for the prettiness).



To finish the garden off, we hung some festoon lights in the corner and an insect house on the fence as well as a fire pit for summer night drinks in the garden 🙂




2 Responses to “Garden Makeover”

  • I’ll be honest, I was blog stalking and I stumbled across this! We’ve just recently finished our garden so I’m a bit obsessed with what others have done in theirs. I LOVE the planter and those rope chairs might have just fallen into my online basket.
    Do you spend loads of time out there now? We do so much more now it’s how we want it.
    M x

    • Lau

      Blog stalking is the best! Thank you, I do love the planter, even more so because my Grandad made it for me. Although the herbs aren’t looking that great anymore, I’m not the best at looking after plants! You should totally get the chairs, they are really comfortable. We spend SO much time out there now, before we changed it we didn’t really like being in the garden as there was so much stuff everywhere. Now that it’s the way we like it, we’re out there all the time. After seeing your shed though I’m wondering if there’s space for a teeny shed of my own!
      Laura xx

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