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Elle Aime: She Loves #1

On July 16, 2014 by Lau

20140711-153712-56232322.jpgI’ve mentioned before that one of my favourite blogs to read is Sally Tangle. Every Wednesday she has a Wonderful Wednesday post where she lists everything that she’s enjoyed about the past week. I love lists to begin with, but I particularly love this one because a Wednesday for me tends to be that day where you’re almost at the weekend but not quite there yet. So to read about some lovely things just really brightens a day that’s usually quite boring!

I’ve done some posts in the past where I’ve rounded up my favourite things I’ve done from the week or month and I love reading these type of posts from other bloggers, such as Rosie’s ’10 things that’ve made me happy this week’, Freya’s ‘just a moment’ and Sally’s ‘Wonderful Wednesday’.

So I thought I would start my own post to remember all those little things that actually keep you pretty happy through the weeks that are so easy to forget!

For me this was…

  • Taking Willow through the woods last weekend. Saturday was really warm in the North East so on went the shorts and we took Willow into the woods. She’s usually scared of all water but for the first time she went straight into the stream and came back out with her tail proudly wagging!
  • Sitting outside at a local pub with the family until evening while Willow tried her best to eat any food scraps dropped on the grass!
  • Drinking the best juice made of blended banana, mango and orange. It’s made me want to buy a blender and try some of my own.
  • An impromptu visit to my parents after work and sitting in their back garden with a glass of wine. Even though it’s not that sunny all of the time, it’s really warm at the minute which I just love.
  • Sitting watching a film off Netflix with Phill – sometimes it’s nice to just put down the phones, laptops and ipad’s and just watch an easy-going film together that requires very little thinking!
  • Texts off my gran. They never fail to make me smile. We’re going to see Grease at the theatre next week so yesterdays texts were a whole load of Grease songs!

Let me know if you have any happy lists too!

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