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Happy Times

On October 27, 2013 by Lau


A few things that have made me happy this week:

1. It was Willow’s 2nd birthday on Thursday… and yep I’m one of those who celebrates their dogs birthday! She got a new collar and a birthday breakfast of her favourite brown toast!

2. A Friday night date with my hubby. We went to TGI’s for our favourite sizzling chicken and Jack Daniels Ribs.

3. An unexpected Friday night with my Mam and Dad. THey had Willow for us while we went out so we went back to pick her up. 6 hours later, too many vodka’s later and 2 dances in kitchen with my Mam and Dad and we finally called it a night at 4am. I seriously have the best parents.

4. A meal out with Phill’s parents last night. It was the best Chinese we’ve had in a long time!

5. A surprise visit from my Grandparents today… Tea, cake and a birthday card for Willow. I love how my family play along with these things!

What started off not one of the best weeks quickly turned into a pretty great one. Sometimes it’s best just to focus on those few things than anything else!


Willow modelling her new collar above, but now I think she’s a little sad that she has to wait another year for more birthday treats:


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