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Little White Dress

On May 31, 2012 by Lau

I’ve been wanting to try some fashion posts for a while now but never thought I really wore anything interesting enough to deserve its own post in all honesty. I’m very much a skinny jeans, flat shoes, very casual kind of girl unless I’m going out for a special occasion or I’m on holiday where I love pretty dresses and even heels! So what better time to start than in Gran Canaria.

This was one of my favourite dresses on holiday. It’s from Topshop (last year I think) and its actually my Mam’s dress…as are the shoes! My mam and I are both only around 5’2″ so I get to steal a lot of her holiday clothes! The belt is good old Primark. Ignore the awkward poses, I’m not that comfortable in front of the camera yet!

What outfits do you like to wear on holiday?

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