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On November 9, 2013 by Lau


This post is inspired by Mark Nixon – he has just released a book of portraits of 65 ‘much loved’ teddies along with their story (you can see a selection of them here). So I thought I would do my own small story of my childhood teddy called Nor.


Age: 35
Height: 19cm

Nor was originally my Mam’s teddy. My Dad bought him for her when they were just 18, and that’s how he got his name – my Dad’s name (Ron) backwards. They got him from a motorway service station all because my Mam wanted him as he had a crooked face! (I’m guessing this is why I’ve always loved the teddies that weren’t quite perfect.)

Fast forward a few years and he became my brother’s teddy, and a few years later he became mine and has remained with me ever since.

Nor has pretty much travelled all over. When I was younger he would come on holidays with us, and even as an adult he got to backpack through Australia for three months with me.

He’s a little tatty now, and doesn’t have that much stuffing left, or a nose, but his face still does the same old smile that I’ve always loved. But I think the best part about him is that he’s special to my parents too.

I’d love to know if anyone else still has their childhood teddy!

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