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Our wedding: the little details

On August 9, 2013 by Lau

For our wedding we wanted a theme that was going to be a little more laid back, less formal and that would fit in with the venue (the gorgeous Newton Hall). So with a little (read: a lot!) of help from my Mam, we spent time on the little details to bring it all together.


Maybe not so much of a little detail, but my dress was definitely my dream dress by Justin Alexander. I only actually spent one day looking for dresses and as soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one. I had said from the beginning that I wanted an all lace dress, no beading or diamantes, plain and fitted and that’s exactly what I got! My Mam then made me my head piece by adding beads on that would match my shoes. My Mam also made me my wedding shoe box which I’m now using to put little bits and pieces in as a memory box. My Gran and Grandad bought me the gorgeous bracelet which I wore for my wedding, teamed with tiny heart earrings, and that was the only jewellery I wore.


We didn’t want too much of a traditional wedding cake so we kept it quite simple using alphabet letters that would look like they had fell on the cake to spell LOVE. My bridesmaid (and best friend’s) Mam made us the cake. We then bought around 40 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as an alternative cake too!

The tables at our wedding were solid wood, which I loved so we decided not to cover them with any clothes and instead we kept with the vintage theme and my Mam bought a load of hessian and made place mats for each person along with a matching cutlery pocket decorated with the same lace that we place on the backs of some of the chairs. We then got tiny luggage tags for the guests names and my Mam also made a matching hessian sack for our wedding cards.


The bridesmaid dresses for my two nieces have to be my favourite thing, and again my super talented Mam made them all by hand. We had chose very pale colours for the whole wedding so we wanted the girls to match that too. We (and by we I mean mmy Mam!) then made a flag for our nephew to carry down the aisle – I think it actually ended up on his head!

For our flowers we kept with the pale colours and chose white roses and thistles, wrapped in hessian. For the Groom, Best Man, Usher and our Dad’s we chose different suits for them all, but they were all a sort of tweed style with checked shirts.

seating chart keys

I think I must have quite a talented family as my Grandad hand made my seating plan! I found something similar on Pinterest and loved the key theme so my Grandad set about making a wood easel with panels where he added copper nails so that I could tie the luggage tags to. I bought two bags of keys from etsy which we used on various things throughout the wedding.


We then decided to make the chairs different to eachother – some had lace wrapped around the back, some had a hanging jar of flowers on them for the ceremony, and others had hanging wooden hears. My Mam then made two chair covers for our chairs where she then added a Key To My Heart tag on one, and a little sign on the other. For the kids we bought them angel/fairy wings and added them to the back of their chairs.

table 1

And finally, for the tables we used old wine bottle cases, crates, hessian mats and doilies with jars in all sorts of sizes filled with the roses and thistles. We actually collected coffee jars then wrapped twine and lace around and hung small keys off the twine. It created the exact look I was going for – somewhat rustic and vintage while still being modern! But one thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done it without my Mam aka Mary Poppins!

Images by Karen McGowran

6 Responses to “Our wedding: the little details”

  • All I can really say about this is WOW. Your wedding is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! Your dress is so beautiful, and all of these details are absolutely perfect. I can’t get over this- just WOW! xx

    • Lau

      Thank you so much Alice 🙂 it was really fun getting all the little bits to finish it off, but it definitely helped having a talented mam to make things! x

  • Oh your wedding was beautiful! So simple yet so elegant! I’m getting married next year and you’ve certainly given me some inspiration!

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

    • Lau

      Thanks Jenni! Congratulations on your wedding, it’s so much fun coming up with a theme and buying decorations x

  • Amy

    Beautiful! Just beautiful. So much of what you had, is what we have chosen for our wedding. We’re having a marquee, in my nan’s garden/my grandfathers old timber yard. As a timber merchant, we raided all of his sheds and found some beautiful cuts of wood that he had done before he died 18 years ago. We’re using as much as we can, it’s like he’s had an input on our day. Our other them is lace, to go with my dress (plain and simple and beautiful lace, just like yours). In fact, I think I tried on your dress! Our table plan will be made with luggage labels, as will our place names, we have hessian to wrap round the poles in the marquee, and my godmother is doing the flowers, with lots of greenery, in lace covered yankee candle jars that we’ve been collecting. Spooky!

    I just hope we can put everything together as well as you did, it really is stunning.

    • Lau

      Ah that is so nice using your grandfathers wood – I loved having things that different members of my family had made.Your wedding sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous, have fun planning it! On the day you’ll see that all the little bits really do just come together, even better than you think it’s going to! Enjoy every minute of your day 🙂 x

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