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Primark Haul

On April 15, 2012 by Lau

Just a quick post to show my recent finds in Primark (well, mostly my Mams finds. Thanks Mam!)

Picked up this gorgeous dress for only £13. I love the colour and the floral print, I’m planning on wearing it for a wedding this month and it will be perfect on holiday too. I’m always unsure on Primarks sizing as two of the same size can fit completely different but I was lucky with this one. I also got it in pale pink too but it didn’t fit quite as well so that one went back.

It comes with a black patent belt but I’m on the look out for a different one for the wedding. Not sure if you can tell properly in the pictures but it’s pleated and surprisingly it lies really well and doesn’t hang over the belt too much!

Second thing I got was the navy blazer to go over the dress. The only thing I didn’t like about this (which I find with a lot of Primark clothes) is the awful gold plastic buttons but I guess that’s why it was only £20. So this weekend I went to Dainty Supplies to buy some replacement buttons where I chose these cute dull silver hearts.

And the final thing I got was this floral backpack for only £8. I thought it would be ideal for carrying everything when I go on holiday and it looks very much like a Cath Kidston too!

3 Responses to “Primark Haul”

  • That dress is adorable and so is the backpack! I never look around Primark that much but people always seem to have some good stuff from there. I think you just need to dig out the gems 🙂

  • Lau

    Yeah it’s very hit and miss in there but you can get some good things! They always look better once they’re out of the shop too and sometimes you just need to change a little part of it like change the belt it comes with or change the buttons!

  • Cat

    Great finds, There seems to be some quite nice stuff in store at the moment. I love the selection of blazers they have. Like you however I also change the buttons on many Primark items 😀


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