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She’s a Topshop kind of girl…

On June 16, 2012 by Lau

…the girl being Willow!

I bought this nail varnish from Topshop last month but only just got around to trying it out. I love the colour, it’s quite vibrant without being too ‘in your face’. I really like Topshop makeup and nail varnish, especially the packaging. I can’t find it online but I’m pretty sure it’s still in store.

Seems like Willow approves too! I’ve been trying to teach her to lie down and it looks like Topshop is the better trade off than treats!

3 Responses to “She’s a Topshop kind of girl…”

  • I love this colour.. Photos are amazing !


  • I love Topshop nail polishes, they’re so pretty and I want your yorkie. I have a little Yorkshire Terrier called Ozzy <3 They are beautiful dogs.


  • Just came across your blog and have to say, Willow is gorgeous (I love the name of your blog too). I don’t have time to read properly right now as I’m at work, but will be popping back later to go through your posts! x

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