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Summer Firsts

On May 28, 2014 by Lau

It’s raining. Again. But instead of being oh so typically British complaining about the weather I’m taking a little look back on two weeks ago after reading Sally Tangle’s ‘Firsts’ post and thinking ‘yes, they were my Summer firsts of the year!’. You can read her lovely post here, it’s one of my favourite blogs to read!


So a few of my summer firsts:

  • The first morning breakfast with the patio doors wide open
  • The first bbq at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. Nothing beats playing in a paddling pool with your niece and nephew and eating the most amazing bbq chicken and steak!
  • The first smell of sun tan lotion
  • The first pair of shorts of the season
  • The first summer bike ride. Just in time for the delivery of my new bike!
  • The first time I happily went to bed with damp hair
  • The first sunbathing session of the season. Only this time it was actually my dog Willow doing the sunbathing – does anyone else’s dog seek out the smallest patch of sun to laze in it’s warmth?
  • That first summer smell – you know the one when you first step outside and feel the warmth of the air and smell of freshly cut grass

It might have rained pretty much every day since then (obviously, it was a bank holiday weekend after all) but lets just remember a proper summer will be here soon *wishful thinking*. Did anyone else have some summer firsts last week?

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