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Urban Night Feast

On October 4, 2013 by Lau

On Thursday I went to the Urban Night Feast in Newcastle. For anyone who hasn’t been before it’s a night food market at The Boiler Shop in the centre of town where a load of different chefs and street vendors cook a variety of food and a DJ fills the place with music.

The location is perfect for it, an old warehouse style building complete with exposed beams, concrete floors and string lighting creating the perfect atmosphere. Inside we found every type of food possible from the best fish finger sandwiches, Indian street food and Pizza, to the Ribman, Wylam Brewery and a Travelling Gin Company!

We wandered round to see what we wanted, and I chose the Fishdog which was the tastiest fish finger sandwich in a hot dog bun, and Phill opted for the Ribman’s pulled meat sandwich. We then decided to try a wood fired pepperoni pizza from Fundi Pizza, which was again amazing!

I had never been to a night market/street food place before but after Thursday I’d definitely go again!

Here’s a few pictures we took on the night:




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