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Wonderful Wednesday #1

On August 17, 2016 by Lau


I’ve been wanting to get back into posting on this little space of mine for a while now and after reading Sally’s Wonderful Wednesday posts (go take a look, they will instantly make you feel happy!) it inspired me to join in with my own list of things that have made me happy this week:

1. New (old) perfume. Narcisso Rodriguez was the first perfume my hubby bought me and I haven’t had a bottle in ages but he surprised me with a new one this week (he’s a good’un).

2. Willow. This dog of mine never fails to amuse me. This week she’s cried non stop for an owl birthday card that’s sitting on the fireplace. No idea why!

3. Summer sunsets. They’ve been particularly pretty this week, bright orange and pink skies while walking through fields during golden hour with Willow.

4. Our garden. Phill done such an amazing job of our garden and I love seeing it out of the window and sitting in it every chance we get. Will hopefully get a garden makeover post up soon!

5. Holiday hunting. Dreaming of Thailand and researching where to go, if only I could hop on a plane tomorrow!

So that’s everything that’s made me happy this week, hop on over to Sally’s blog for more #wonderfulwednesday goodness!

2 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday #1”

  • Welcome to the wonderful Wednesday gang! It’s such a nice part of the week!! I need to learn more about Willow too, I live for other folks dogs!
    M x

    • Lau

      Thanks Michelle! I’ve been reading Sally’s posts for a while now, they’re such a nice read! Looking forward to catching up on yours now too! I’ll definitely be posting more about Willow 🙂 xx

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