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Wonderful Wednesday #11

On December 14, 2016 by Lau

img_4439Every time I sit down to write a Wonderful Wednesday post I can’t believe how quickly that week has come and gone. It’s actually Christmas next weekend, when did that happen? I’ve tried my best to feel Christmassy this week, which you’ll be able to tell from the little happy list below. And if you read my Wonderful Wednesday post from two weeks ago, Willow is STILL crying for the snowmen on a daily basis!

1. Flutters. I think (I’m still not entirely sure) that I felt the first flutters of that tiny baby of ours. It came at the most random of times, but just when I needed it as if to say “Hey Mam, it’s all OK”.

2. Miracle on 34th Street. Like I said, I’ve been trying to get into the festive mood, so Saturday night was spent curled up on the sofa, candles burning and Willow asleep next to me while I watched Miracle on 34th Street.

3. Willow. And that brings me to my favourite Willow moment. After snoozing for a while next to me, Willow sat up then just dropped her whole body over me under my chin. She must’ve really wanted a proper cuddle. If you’re a dog person you’ll know how much I loved that 5 minute cuddle!

4. A bacon sarnie and hot chocolate. On Sunday hubby and I went into town to do some Christmas Shopping. First stop had to be Mason & Rye in Fenwick’s for the tastiest bacon sandwich and hot chocolate. Sets you up for a few hours of getting through the crowds of shoppers!

5. Early Christmas lunch. After Christmas shopping we went to Phill’s parent’s for Sunday lunch which turned out to be a trial run for Christmas Day, complete with Christmas crackers!

6. Honey & Cinnamon porridge. After reading Sally’s Wonderful Wednesday posts, she had me craving porridge for a while. I’m not ashamed to admit but the only porridge I’ve ever had was chocolate Ready Brek (yup, even as an adult, maybe I should be ashamed to admit that?!). So the mission was on to find an adult’s porridge that was as smooth as Ready Brek. I succeeded (yay) and this week I’ve been loving having a bowl of porridge with honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Thanks for the inspiration Sally!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week too, let me know your favourite bits!


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6 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday #11”

  • Baby flutters and puppy cuddles? That’s about as brilliant as life gets surely! Sending all kinds of lovely festive vibes for the rest of the week
    M X

    • Lau

      Thanks Michelle 🙂 It really was the best two things from last week! Hope you’re having a good week and looking forward to Christmas! xx

  • Your baby is giving you an early christmas present! Must be so exciting.

    Oh you can’t beat Miricle on 34th Street. Christmas classic right there!! xx

    • Lau

      It has to be the best present! I love the classic films like Miracle on 34th Street and Santa Claus The Movie. Have a lovely Christmas 🙂 xx

  • Look at that cutie spying out the window!

    I did my bit for the Christmas sprit and listened to A Christmas Carol on audio, that’s about all I’ve done for Christmas this year.

    Hope you enjoy all the festivities that come your way this week!

    • Lau

      She does that every day now, hoping if she cries enough we’ll give her those little snowmen from the windowsill haha! I love A Christmas Carol, I love watching it on Christmas Day. Hope you have a lovely Christmas Kerri 🙂 x

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