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Wonderful Wednesday #12

On December 21, 2016 by Lau


Like everyone else, I’m on countdown to the Christmas holidays. December has flown by but the last few days before finishing work seem to last a lifetime! I’m looking forward to a week of family time, relaxing, watching too many films and taking Willow for long walks through the day for once! So let’s get straight onto this week’s happy list:

1. An actual kick. On Sunday night, I was lying in bed watching a few YouTube videos and completely unexpected I felt my first little baby kick. I have never been so excited, and now I’m constantly waiting for another one!

2. Christmas wrapping. Does anyone else love wrapping Christmas presents? This year I’ve gone for a brown patterned paper with either black twine or a red ribbon – simple but oh so pretty under the tree.

3. Christmas panto. Every year I get to watch my niece in her Christmas panto and it’s one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. I’m definitely a proud Auntie watching her dance on the stage! This year it was Aladdin so off I went with my Mam, Gran, my Gran’s best friend and my niece and nephew for a 2 hour show complete with a flying carpet!

4. Classic Christmas films. As much as Elf is one of my favourite Christmas films, you can’t beat the classics. On Friday night my best friend came over for our Christmas night in where we watched Santa Claus: The Movie. Even though it was made in 1985 it’s still so magical. We had a lovely night in filled with Lindt hot chocolate and all of the treats!

A bit of a short list this week but like a lot of people the rest of my week has been spent last minute Christmas shopping. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

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3 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday #12”

  • Sam

    What a magical thing to feel your baby kick and at such an unexpected time too. I love wrapping presents but this year I’ve really struggled to get into it, watching Elf helped a lot! Have a lovely Christmas! S x

  • AW! FIRST baby kick is AMAZZZZZING. I literally jumped around my house excited, anxiously waiting for another and asking everyone to touch my belly to see if they could feel him move! Those kicks never stop being amazing though. My boy moves so much, constantly and I just love every second (Even when my belly feels bruised from all the kicking!)

    Looking forward to more milestones!


    • Lau

      Thanks Ayse 🙂 It really is amazing! I’ve been feeling the kicks for a few weeks now but still get excited every time, especially now that I’m starting to see a pattern – he usually has a good wriggle around just after 10pm every single night now! Hope you’re doing well in your pregnancy! xx

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