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Wonderful Wednesday #14

On January 18, 2017 by Lau


This week I’m back to the regular Wonderful Wednesday post with a little list of happiness, and for January it’s been quite a good one! So here it goes…

1. Bamburgh. At the weekend my whole family ventured up the coast to Bamburgh for a weekend in a cottage to celebrate my Gran and Grandad’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary. 60 years together, how crazy is that! I’m going to post a few of my favourite photo’s in another post but it was a weekend full of laughs, two kids and two dogs running around, and a lovely walk on the beach on a sunny day.

2. Croissants. After our weekend away there was quite a lot of food leftover and I managed to come home with a pack of croissants. So breakfast before work these past two days has been a bit of a treat – hot croissants smothered in butter and raspberry jam. Usually this type of breakfast is left for a weekend but it tasted even better at 7am on a weekday!

3. Baby names. Since we found out we’re have a little boy I’m on a constant hunt for name ideas. We have a few in mind but I’m still on the look out for any names I might come across.

4. Willow & Indi. At the cottage Willow couldn’t get enough of the cuddles off my niece Indi. We kept finding them in the conservatory together just having a little cuddle.

5. Sunny days. On Saturday we took the kids and the dogs for a walk along the beach and it was exactly what I needed. It was freezing but the sun was out and we had bright blue skies all afternoon. (That’s it up there ^ with a gorgeous view of Bamburgh Castle).

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