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Wonderful Wednesday #2

On August 24, 2016 by Lau


Another week, another little happy list for Wonderful Wednesday!

1. Pomegranate candles. At the weekend I went to a shop in Cramlington called Northburn. Their candles and room sprays are all hand made and they’re such reasonable prices too – my house smells of pomegranate all day long now!

2. Warm cheese scones and Rington’s tea. After stocking up on oil burners, melts and room sprays at Northburn, I went to The Northumberland Cheese Company with my Mam, Gran and Grandad. There’s nothing better than warm cheese scones thick of butter.

3. Cactus. I bought some more cactus from Ikea at the weekend and planted five together in a black pot – I love it. It’s definitely started a cactus obsession.

4. Embroidering. Not sure if this makes me sound like a Granny, but I love the slogan t-shirts and sweaters around at the minute so I picked up a £5 plain sweatshirt from Primark and embroidered my own words. I want to try it again in a different style of writing but I quite like how it turned out!

5. Finding new blogs. After reading Sally’s Wonderful Wednesday posts I went on to read Life Outside London. If you love interiors, baking, and dogs, then you’ll love Michelle’s blog.

6. Willow (again). Just look at that little face of hers ^ I think she might be part of Wonderful Wednesday every week but there’s nothing better than coming home to her excited face and wagging tale knowing she ALWAYS wants to be with you.

What’s been the best part of your week?

The lovely Sally started all of this Wonderful Wednesday goodness so make sure you hope on over to read her Wonderful Wednesday post (I’m with her on the white tees!).

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