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Wonderful Wednesday #20

On March 15, 2017 by Lau

IMG_4837(^ Our little one’s first teddy and books)

Sharing the best of the last week for another Wonderful Wednesday!

1. An unexpected scan. Although I wasn’t expecting to get a scan to check on the little one last week, it meant I got to see his cute little face again. Actually, he decided lying face down is comfortable at the minute and hid his face from view, instead placing his hands on his head. His tiny fingers were curled up…except for one… yep my son decided he would give us the finger this time round! Maybe he’s fed up of us stealing a peek at him.

2. Early morning blog reading. One morning last week I was up and about quite early so I managed to just sit there for a while with a cup of tea reading some of my favourite blogs before work. It was so relaxing, although I don’t seem to have managed another early start again since!

3. Friday night beach walks. What better way to start your weekend than a beach walk and fish & chips after work?

4. Giant Kinder Egg. I scored some major wifey points this week after Phill mentioned that Kinder Eggs had gone large for Easter. Off I went to Asda to hunt them down, and went home with 2 Kinder’s and a giant Malteser’s egg. I regret nothing.

5. The Magic Faraway Tree. Did anyone else love The Magic Faraway Tree books as a child? They were my absolute favourite so I got pretty excited when I found The Folk of the Faraway Tree at the weekend, I had to buy it for the little fella! I also picked up a nursery rhyme book with all the old rhymes I used to sing with my Mam and Gran.

6. The nursery. This weekend we spent the full weekend building furniture in the nursery, putting away all of his tiny clothes (I was in organisational heaven), and I officially passed my childhood teddy, Nor, down to the baby. He’s patiently sitting in the cot waiting for his arrival!

7. Willow. This one has been her usual funny self this week. We left the porch door slightly open and she managed to squeeze through – when we pulled onto the drive, all I could see was her little face squished up to the glass on the front door watching for us coming home.

How’s your week been?

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