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Wonderful Wednesday #21

On March 29, 2017 by Lau

IMG_4900(^ Yay for Spring walks with Phill, Willow and Baby bump)

I’m going to go all out typically British and start off this week’s Wonderful Wednesday by saying how amazing it is to finally see some signs of Spring – being outside most of the weekend, long walks, Willow snoozing in the sun, and everyone just seeming that bit happier.

So onto the happy list…

1. Sunny walks. On Saturday we spent some of the afternoon sitting in our garden (I can’t wait for more of this after we completely changed our garden last Summer – you can see it here) and then off we went for a sunny walk with Willow for a couple of hours. Isn’t it the best feeling going out without a coat on for a change?!

2. Mother’s Day flowers. So technically I’m not officially a Mammy until our little boy arrives, but my Mam said she had a word with him at the weekend and he wanted to give me some flowers for Mother’s Day until he can make me something next year. I got the most beautiful box of lilac, lemon and white tulips – my favourite.

3. Pouty lips. And speaking of that little boy of mine, we got another scan on Monday and there he was pouting away. Even the sonographer commented on his pouty lips!

4. Coffee. M&S decaf coffee pods to be precise. One of my favourite things in our kitchen has to be our Nespresso machine, and being pregnant means it’s decaf coffee for me and M&S pods are hitting the spot. Latte anyone?

5. Willow’s Monday Mornings. This was Willow earlier this week, snoozing in the sun all day. She definitely wasn’t feeling that Monday Motivation! Although in my opinion, she’s doing Monday right – oh to be a dog for a day.


How’s your week been?

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