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Wonderful Wednesday #22

On April 26, 2017 by Lau


I missed last week’s Wonderful Wednesday post, I’m not entirely sure how as I had so much to add to that happy list but the days just seem to fly by at the minute! So this week’s post is another two in one 🙂 I know we all say this every month, but I can’t believe April is almost over and there’s only 4 weeks left until we become a family of 3 – words can’t even begin to explain how excited I am!

1. Newton by the Sea.
Over the bank holiday weekend we went on a mini road trip about an hour up the coast to Newton by the Sea (where we got married) for a nights stay at The Joiners Arms. We left after work on the Thursday, stopped off for a load of treats and sweets and checked into a gorgeous room complete with a free standing bath in the bedroom (the most amazing thing when your pregnant!). I’m going to do a post on our mini get away but I had such a lovely relaxing time.


2. Bamburgh.
Before heading home after Newton, we decided to drive an extra 15 minutes up to Bamburgh for a walk on the beach. On our way there we passed a field full of lambs where one lamb was casually walking on its Mother’s back and hopped off into the grass. It was the cutest thing!

3. The little one’s rabbit.
Over Easter weekend we went looking for the perfect soft toy for our little one to take into hospital ready for his arrival. We’ve bought a few soft toys over the last few months, but I couldn’t resist getting him a small Jellycat rabbit over the Easter weekend.

4. Milky Bar.
Speaking of Easter eggs, when we were buying our Niece’s and Nephew’s eggs, Phill said he had to buy our little one something too, so we bought a tiny milky bar rabbit for him (which was obviously for me to eat!)

5. Weekend baking.
Recently I’ve really been getting back into baking again. Part of me just wants some nice treats to eat, but I also want to learn how to make a few things that I can bake with our kiddo once he’s old enough. I’ve been enjoying homemade cheese scones, banana bread and chocolate chip muffins, Millie’s style cookies and of course crispy cake (which I don’t think actually classes as baking).


6. Willow. After Christmas I may have forgot to put her next hair cut appointment on… cue another 12 weeks of Willow resembling a Wookiee. At the weekend she finally had a much needed haircut and it was like I was picking up a puppy again (^ look at her little face).

7. Bubble baths. This weekend we had a bath fitted (which I’ve waited for years to have!) so I’ve pretty much had as many bubble baths as I can fit in. Phill bought me a bath bridge too so I can soak in the bath while watching something on my Ipad – total bliss!


How’s your week (or two) been? I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

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