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Wonderful Wednesday #23

On August 30, 2017 by Lau

I think my last Wonderful Wednesday was back in April and I’ve really missed joining in with this but a newborn baby and down time do not seem to mix! Harry’s fast asleep on my knee right now so what better time to jump back into these little happy lists!

Harry. He has to be at the top of my list right? Harry never fails to make me happy every single day since the second he was born. His little giggle, his smiley eyes that light up when he laughs, and he’s giving me the best present ever at the minute – sleep! I wrote a little Harry update last week here.

Coffee & cookies. All I can say is I’m making up for 9 months of decaf right now! Our Nespresso machine is certainly well loved! And sitting next to it is a jar full of chocolate chip cookies – does anyone else like having jars of biscuits out on the bench just for how they look? (No? Just me then.)

Old friends. One of my childhood friends came back up North for a quick visit and it was so lovely to see her. We took photos in my parents back garden where we used to play but this time we had both our boys sitting on our knees!

Walks & ice cream. I love getting outside as much I can and lately I’m loving any little walk I can get with Harry & Willow. My favourite recently was a walk around Jesmond Dene with a 99 (is it even a 99 if you don’t get monkey’s blood?)

This is probably all I will manage to type before the little fella wakes up, plus typing with one hand is a lot more difficult than I thought! Fingers crossed I can keep this going every week. Now I’m off to read everyone else’s #wonderfulwednesday posts (you can find them all using the hashtag on twitter).

The lovely Sally is responsible for all of this Wonderful Wednesday goodness, so hop on over to her blog to read what’s made her happy this week. And don’t forget to check out these lovely ladies who also share their #wonderfulwednesday every week – Michelle, Kate, Helen, Jo, Cat, SamKerriSarah andEl.

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone from this list, the #WonderfulWednesday group is getting bigger and bigger by the week!

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  • It’s nice to see you back! And just in time for when I also started reading and joining in as well.

    Oh 99s, that’s sure to make any one feel a bit nostalgic. Nuts and chocolate sauce for me, every time.

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