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Wonderful Wednesday #5

On September 14, 2016 by Lau


Just when I thought I wasn’t going to have a lot to talk about this week, I surprised myself with all of the small things that have made me happy, which I guess is the aim of these posts! Willow’s obviously in there again but it wouldn’t be Wonderful Wednesday without her.

1. Rearranging the furniture downstairs. I get way to excited about changing a room around. I’ve always done this, even as a kid I would constantly put my bed in a different place, maybe I wanted to be an interior designer? Well earlier this week we changed our living room around and it’s like it should have always been this way. It’s so much more cosier, and now we get to look right through to the dining room and garden instead of staring at a neighbours van. It’s the little things.

2. Hot chocolates with my Gran. On Saturday I met my Gran in town and we went to Fenwicks for coffee together – having that little bit of time out just chatting to my Gran really was the best.

3. Holiday clothes shopping. So the bad thing about booking a holiday late is everywhere is full of Autumn/Winter clothes! The good thing? The last few bits of summer stuff are in the sale! £3 broderie anglaise cotton dresses? Yes please!

4. Willow. Her cutest moment this week – my mam visited one night so willow ran outside to greet her and she was so excited she actually let out a little cry.

5. The best bacon sarnies. What’s better than a Sunday morning in bed catching up on Home & Away (yes I still watch it, don’t judge) and your hubby brings you the most tastiest crispy bacon sandwich and coffee. Same again this weekend please.

6. Puppies. Last night we were sorting out the garage (oh the joys of adulthood) and our next door neighbour’s visitor had the cutest little puppy. A 13 week old black pug x Shih Tzu called Freddy. It waddled over and just plonked its bum down on the drive ready for some serious cuddling. My contribution to the garage sorting ended up in 20 minutes of chatting away to said puppy.

Let me know the best parts of your week!

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6 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday #5”

  • I am always changing furniture around – it is so much fun! I go on holiday next week and have been finding some right bargains in the sale too!

    • Lau

      It’s great finding stuff you were going to buy anyway now in the sale! I’m glad someone else finds rearranging furniture fun haha! xx

  • I enjoy spending time with my Grandma so much. A hot chocolate sounds like such a lovely idea. I intend to spend my last afternoon at home before going to uni with her tomorrow. Have a fabulous rest of your week xx

  • You’ve got me tempted to do a little rearranging myself! Maybe I’ll rearrange the bedroom this week since I want to give it a good clean anyway. I’m sure the other half won’t mind haha!

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