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Wonderful Wednesday #6

On September 21, 2016 by Lau


I love that more and more people are joining in with Wonderful Wednesday now (make sure you check out the lovely Wonderful Wednesday lot who I’ve listed at the end of this post). I really enjoy reading snippets of everyone’s week, even if it’s the smallest thing that has made them a little bit happy.

So let’s just jump straight into my happy list from this week:

1. More holiday shopping. H&M have the best holiday clothes, and most of them are in the sale too. My favourite finds this week have been a pair of black shorts that are going to be perfect for on holiday and also back home to wear with tights in the Autumn. Oh and the cutest straw hat that actually fits my tiny head! #peaheadproblems

2. A night out with family. A few drinks followed by the tastiest curry. Can’t ask for a better night!

3. The prettiest grey pleated midi skirt. Hubby bought me a new outfit for said night out, he’s the sweetest. I teamed this New Look skirt (it’s now in the sale for £6.50!) with a plain white body and a leather jacket. It was the perfect combination for someone who constantly wears jeans!

4. Bacon sandwiches. Feeling a bit fragile on Sunday morning, we took Willow for an early morning walk and picked up a couple of bacon sarnies and a hot chocolate from Greggs. It might not sound that exciting but it was my favourite part of the weekend. And I’m not even ashamed to say I went to Greggs!

5. Lazy Sundays. There’s nothing better than wearing your comfiest baggy jeans and a sweater and lying on the sofa watching a film that requires no thinking at all, followed by a nap. Gotta love the naps.

6. Willow. My Grandad was at ours on Saturday doing a few jobs, Willow literally sat watching him work for about an hour. If my Grandad is there, she has to be near him.

Tell me your best bits of the week!

The lovely Sally is responsible for all of this Wonderful Wednesday goodness, so hop on over to her blog to read what’s made her happy this week. And don’t forget to check out these lovely ladies who also share their #wonderfulwednesday every week – Michelle, Kate, Helen, Jo, Cat, SamKerriSarah and El.

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