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Wonderful Wednesday #9

On November 30, 2016 by Lau


I missed out on a few Wonderful Wednesday posts throughout October and November, and I’ve really missed them! Usually I write about the small things from the last week BUT since there’s a huge gap I thought I’d throw them all together for some October/November happiness. Here it goes…

1. A teeny tiny addition to the family – what started off as a bit of a bumpy year, 2016 has certainly ended on a high note. I’m so excited that in May 2017 we will be welcoming our new baby to the world. I’m so in love already and can’t wait to meet you little one!

2. Our first scan – this was the most amazing thing I have ever watched, this tiny 6cm baby jumping around, sucking it’s thumb while I just stared in complete awe and could not stop smiling. I’m already counting down to the next one.

3. Crete – In October we spent 2 weeks in Crete and it was sheer relaxation. Sunny days by the pool, long walks along the beach and reading as many books as possible. We stayed at the Insula Alba Resort & Spa and I couldn’t recommend the hotel enough. Bright white, minimalist interior with a view of the beach and the cutest little chapel at the end of the road (that’s it up there ^).

4. Sundays – For a while I started to really dislike Sundays. To me it meant the end of the weekend (even at 10am on a Sunday morning) and back to work (which at the time I dreaded!). Roll on a few months and a new job, I’m back to loving Sundays. Early morning walks with Willow with a hot chocolate in hand, a cosy afternoon in the house, and a full Sunday lunch with honey roasted veg. It’s the best.

5. Westworld – has anyone else been watching Westworld? I watched the finale last night and I can’t wait for the next series… so many questions!

6. Mrs Tiggywinkles cafe – to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Beatrix Potter, Fenwicks Newcastle have a Mrs Tiggywinkles pop up cafe. It’s kitted out like a living room complete with a fireplace, old furniture, gingham table cloths and mismatched china, not to mention a table full of the most gorgeous home made cakes.

7. Willow – We put our Christmas tree up at the weekend and we have these two adorable little knitted snowmen (based on the old John Lewis advert) that sit on our windowsill. Willow cries non-stop for them! No matter how much we tell her they aren’t her toys, she will not leave them alone, constantly standing on her back legs to take a peek at them!


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